Dennis Dunleavy Ph.D.


My scholarship covers a range of issues from semiotics to image ethics.  I am interested in exploring forms of bias in the news decision-making process in terms of image selection and display, especially in the visual reportage of international affairs. During my doctoral work at the University of Oregon, my outside interest was social psychology, interaction rituals, and symbolic interactionism. I would very much like to revisit some of the work I did on the attitudes photojournalist help regarding digital technologies.

Further,  I recently published a semiotic analysis on iconic images produced during the Iraq War and will continue my research in this area. In the past, I have published chapters in the Visual Communication Handbook (2004), Graphic Communications Today (2005), and Picturing Class (2003). My academic work took a turn in 2002 when I started blogging about image ethics and visual culture. I have been a frequent contributor to several online trade journals such as The Digital Journalist, Black Star, Click, and Freelens. In 2006, I was awarded an American Photo Magazine’s “Top Innovator Award,” for my blog, which has had more than 500,000 visitors over the years. My future research plans include continuing to explore the relationship with convergent media and antecedent journalistic practices, visual communication theory, semiotic analysis of images, photographic history, and social media.