This assignment is based on National Geographic’s “Your Turn”.

Documentary Photographer Deanne Fitzmaurice offers insight into how to successfully complete this assignment. Read the article first.

Instructions: Produce 8- 10 images of “Daily Life” with complete captions  following the Nat Geo guidelines:

Daily Life Images are a series of everyday candid moments on one theme that tell us something about the universal human experience. The images should tell a story with universal appeal  across all languages and cultures, such as love, joy, sadness, or humor.  All images in this essay should be related to a common theme such as faith, scholarship, service, residency life, etc.

Daily Life images can come from special moments when it all comes together with light, moment, gesture, or emotion.

Presentation of essays to the class are required for grade.

Consider the importance of visual variety,  selective focus, background, Depth of Field, and Framing in your work. Caption all images.

Create a Powerpoint slide with 8 – 10 images and prepare to present your story to the class. Also include all image on the powerpoint for grading.