Passage of Time

There is much more going on in how we respond to the thousands of images we see each, and what is required are new approach to  visual literacy – training people to understand what they are seeing within the context of ideology, culture, and societal needs.

Visual literacy must promote critical thinking in term of how human perceptual processes have  the evolved over millions of years. We need to consider seeing as visual modalities which moderate and influence conditions of knowing.

Visual culture, by nature, is inextricably tied to psychological, biological, ideological, emotional, cultural, and ethical behaviors.

Empathic vision means seeing, thinking, feeling, and acting on what perceive. I think this more about training people to see than seeing itself.  What does the “Silence of Seeing” mean then. In the context of empathy I think there needs to be a silence in the process of making sense of what we see — time to understand more deeply the things that affect us — a time that  goes beyond seeing the beauty reduced to a frame’s worth of pixel.



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