Totally Eclipsed


The Benedictine Sisters of Mount Saint Scholastica Monastery in Atchison, Kansas hosted a total solar eclipse party on August 21, 2017, but the guest of honor nearly missed it. (Left) Coming out of totality the solar eclipse passes about St.Cecila’s, the oldest building on the monastery ground. (Right) Benedictine nun, Sr. Dorothy Wolters, OSB, catches a glimpse of the solar eclipse despite the frequent rain shower preceding the event. 

Things do not always go as planned when dealing with two things: babies and the weather.

After so much hype surrounding the upcoming  total solar eclipse last August, the event in this part of Kansas had the makings of a bust. The sisters at the monastery had been planning a party for about 300 guests for the better part of three weeks.   As the bell chimed for morning prayer, the anemic sky promised anything but the sun that day. By noon, some of the sisters along with a few volunteers hurriedly folded and unfolded dozens of lawn chairs as showers came and went.Meanwhile, across town at Benedictine College, officials were expecting several thousand people to fill the Larry Wilcox football stadium.

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