Neither Beginning nor End

couple_final book

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Time to Shake off the Cobwebs

I made these images inside the barn of my friends John and Karen recently. I had been thinking about a recent photo assignment I presented to my advanced students. “Light and Dark” challenges students to be more aware of the dynamic range of light they encounter in their search for great and compelling images. This was an exciting assignment once I found the right spot.

bird barn web


barn cat web



barn window web




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Sunrise at the Abbey

I love going to see the sun rise over the Missouri River. Yesterday, I went up to the lookout and there was a school group from Wichita there already. I love the composition here. couple on bench_1 web

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Angels and Saints: A Lenten Journey

Just before Lent this year I began painting angels and saints as part of my daily reflection. Here are some small samples of the project.


guardian angelpage 6 saints saints web page4 saints_web page5 saints_web page3 saints_web_page2

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A full moon sets behind Mount Saint Scholastica Monastery in Atchison, Kan.

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Fall 2014






Rome .  27 . August

The history of Italy is not easy to understand, even by the long-dead with minds far sharper than mine. Italy, is a country full of hidden meanings.  One must dig through centuries of historical fallacies, mythologies, tour guides, and Hollywood films to get even close to anything that might appear like a cohesive or homogeneous narrative.




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